Exclusive Team Events and Workouts

  1. Track Workouts: These sessions on the track are designed to improve speed, endurance, and running technique. They typically include interval training, tempo runs, and speed drills tailored to the team's specific needs.

  2. Pool Swims: Pool sessions focus on improving swimming technique, building endurance, and increasing speed in a controlled environment. They might involve drills, sets, and occasionally timed intervals to simulate race conditions.

  3. Open Water Swims: Open water sessions provide an opportunity to practice swimming in non-pool environments, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans. These swims help athletes adapt to different conditions, improve sighting techniques, and build confidence in open water races.

  4. Cycling Groups: Group rides are great for building endurance, practicing drafting techniques, and developing bike handling skills. They offer a chance to simulate race scenarios and work on pacing strategies.

  5. Run Groups: Group runs provide motivation, accountability, and the opportunity to work on running technique, endurance, and speed with teammates. They can also be used for long runs or specific workouts like hill repeats or fartlek training.

  6. Team Educational Clinics: These clinics cover various topics that are crucial for athletic performance and success in racing. They may include nutrition and hydration guidance, transition practice (for triathletes), sports psychology techniques to optimize mental preparation, and Q&A sessions to address specific concerns or share knowledge within the team.

By incorporating a diverse range of activities and educational opportunities, our racing team is creating a well-rounded training environment that addresses physical, technical, and mental aspects of racing. This comprehensive approach is likely to contribute significantly to the team's overall development and success.

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